Saeed Yousef is a critic, translator, educator, journalist, and poet whose work is rooted in deep knowledge of classical Persian poetry and international revolutionary aesthetics.  His ten books of poetry in Persian include Pārsi-Gu-ye Degar-KhuVa Man dar Chashm-e KhargushamAz Buteye Butighā, and Az Talkhi-ye Chāy tā Bekāham. He has translated Brecht’s poems into Persian and is the author of Poetics and Politics – East and West: The Poetries of Ahmad Shaamlu and Bertolt Brecht. He is a Senior Lecturer of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Chicago and has written several books on learning Persian.

Ahad Bahadori is a literary translator and poet interested in revolutionary political poetry and its relation to social movements in the Middle East during the twentieth century. He thinks of translation, especially of resistance poetry, as a means of building solidarity.


Ava Raha is an artist and illustrator with a strong belief in the transformative power of beauty, justice, art, and poetry. For her, art is both self-expression and a way to explore and visualize community.


Shahrzad Mojab is a scholar, teacher, and activist known internationally for her work on the impact of war, displacement, dispossession, and violence on women's learning and resistance. She is Professor of Adult Education and Community Development, and Women and Gender Studies, at the University of Toronto. She currently serves as Director of Equity Studies at New College and is the former Director of the Women and Gender Institute. A prolific writer, she has also produced films, worked with artists and performers, and curated exhibitions. She recently collaborated with Roshanak Jaberi and Doris Rajan on No Woman's Land, a critically acclaimed dance performance on the experience of women in prisons and refugee camps. She is a recipient of the Royal Society of Canada Award in Gender Studies.