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t r a c e  is both verb and noun; act and residue. 

t r a c e  collaborates with writers to publish books that illuminate, in complex, beautiful and thought-provoking ways, contemporary and historical experiences of conflict, war, displacement, exile, migration, labour and resistance.

We look for words that draw connections between here and there; now and then. Voices that ask us to question, reflect, take pleasure, love, remember and build solidarity across our many differences.

We publish essays, memoirs, translations, anthologies, children’s books and books on food, labour and the environment in relation to such transformations. We are unafraid to mix genres, voices, and languages.

t r a c e  is a not-for-profit press.



We look forward to building community and friendship with readers, writers, teachers, librarians, book-lovers, activists, workers and all of you who are curious and who care. 

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