Poems for Palestine [from Publishers for Palestine]

Poems for Palestine [from Publishers for Palestine]

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"Poetry can be composed as quickly as a news story, and yet it resists the language of normalized oppression, searching for ways to help us see past the dulled passive voice of contemporary news coverage.” (from the introduction)

This beautiful chapbook, compiled by Publishers for Palestine, gathers poems by nine Palestinian poets, including Refaat Al-Areer, Hiba Abu Nada, Fady Joudah, Olivia Elias, Samer Abu Hawwash, Maya Murry, Ahlam Bsharat, Basman Aldirawi and Ghassan Zaqtan alongside artwork (in colour) by Jana Traboulsi, Sohila Khaled, Gabriela Araújo, Rand Salim Hammoud  Eline Van Dam, Aly S.Elsayed and Hassan Manasrah. (Some poems were originally written in English, others have been translated into English from Arabic and French)

trace press, alongside other Publishers for Palestine around the world, is distributing this free chapbook to raise public awareness and present guidelines for action. An online version can be downloaded from publishersforpalestine.org

At trace, we have printed a limited number of free copies to share with the public. A donation of $5-10 or more will enable us to print and ship more copies and support public readings and discussions.